Regulatory Filings 2009

Effective March 27, 2009, Bank of Napa was required to file its Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5 with the Federal Deposit Insurance Agency (FDIC) in an electronic format. As such, in order to view these filings you must access the FDIC’s website by CLICKING HERE. You will leave Bank of Napa’s website and be directed to the FDIC’s website.
Forms Date  
Form 8-K November 19, 2009  
Form 8-K November 17, 2009  
Form 10-Q September 30, 2009  
Form 10-Q June 30, 2009  
Form 8-K June 11, 2009  
Form 10-Q March 31, 2009  
Form 8-K February 26, 2009  

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