Bank of Napa recognizes that its customers expect and trust the Bank to keep their relationship and the information they have provided to us safe and confidential. We recognize that you expect us to collect, use, and share information about you in an appropriate and responsible fashion, and we intend to meet that expectation, as described more fully in this Notice.

Personal Information

Our policies and procedures concerning personal financial information we acquire about you are governed by the principle that any information you provide to us is personal and very important to you. We strive to keep this information accurate, secure and confidential. Personal information includes:

  • The fact you are or have been a bank customer and have obtained a product or service from us
  • Information about your identity, such as your address, birth date, tax identification number, or any other identifying number such as a driver’s license or passport
  • Account or loan information, such as balance, payment or overdraft history, credit or check card purchase information
  • Information provided or obtained in connection with the application, servicing or collection of a deposit or loan such as income, personal assets, or employment
  • Information collected through an Internet website, such as an Internet “cookie”
  • Information obtained from a consumer report, credit reference, or other financial service provider

Information We Collect and Use

Bank of Napa collects and retains personal information from you and others, such as consumer reporting agencies, lenders, employers, or other affiliated or non-affiliated third parties that can provide assistance to us in delivering products and services to you. We use this information to identify and communicate with you, manage your relationship with us and provide you with products and services.

We share personal financial information we acquire about you to third parties, such as:

  • Financial service providers, such as check printers, escrow companies, data processing companies or lenders that have or may acquire interest in a loan made to you
  • Non-financial service providers, such as consumer reporting agencies, bank auditors, bank examiners and our legal counsel
  • Governmental agencies and private parties to whom the law requires Bank of Napa to make such disclosures, such as under subpoena or under the laws that require reporting of certain transactions, payment of interest or other matters

Maintenance of Accurate Information

Bank of Napa safeguards the privacy of your information according to policies that we have adopted. These policies are intended to ensure that all of our employees understand the importance of customer privacy and that if they violate these principals they will be subject to disciplinary measures.

The retention of accurate financial information is important to Bank of Napa. In order to ensure this goal we have internal procedures for correcting inaccurate or incomplete information in a timely manner. If you should find an error in any information we maintain about you, please contact us for a prompt resolution.

Employee Access and Use of Customer Information

Bank of Napa employees are aware of their responsibility in ensuring the customer information we have on file remains confidential and that this information is used only for business purposes. Bank of Napa has established internal policies which cover the use of customer information and each employee is required to abide by these policies.

Protecting Yourself

Identify theft continues to grow worldwide each day and extracting yourself from this situation can take years and thousands of dollars. Persons become victims of crime through a variety of ways, including, individuals posing as telemarketers, dumpster divers, and by individuals who steal mail looking for credit card applications.

The following tips may help prevent you from being a victim of Identity Theft:

  • Check your credit report at one of the three national credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union) at least annually
  • Shred important documents at home rather than throwing them in the trash. These can include financial information, tax information, bank statements, pre-approved credit card applications and any other document that has your personal information on it
  • Don’t give your Social Security Number to anyone over the telephone unless it’s necessary and you know who the person asking represents
  • Be cautious when providing any other personal information to unknown individuals as this information can also be used to create a fraudulent identity for someone
  • Don’t leave letters containing financial or personal information, such as the payment of a bill, in your mail box. Place them in a U.S.P.S. mail box or deliver them directly to your nearest Post Office
  • Don’t input any credit or debit card information or any other personal information on a website unless you know it is secure
  • Be certain to always take your credit or debit card receipt when you make a purchase

If you become a victim of Identity Theft, contact the following parties as quickly as possible:

  • All three national credit bureaus and ask them to attach a “fraud alert” to your credit file. Each of these bureaus maintains a website and a toll free telephone number
  • All of your creditors by telephone and in writing to inform them of the problem
  • Your local police
  • Your local postmaster if you suspect the crime involved the mail system
  • Your bank so that proper steps can be taken to eliminate or minimize the amount of loss
  • The Federal Trade Commission for complaints by victims of Identity Theft. They can be reached at 1-877-IDTHEFT (877-438-4338)

Information about Cookies

A cookie is a piece of information that a web site stores on a web browser on your PC that can later be retrieved and are commonly used. Cookies facilitate certain features that can make the surfing experience more convenient and valuable for web users. Bank of Napa uses cookies on its website and online banking service; however we do not capture any customer information, get your e-mail address or steal sensitive or personal information about you. If you want to disallow cookies you can do so in your web browser.

Opt Out Provisions

We have no plans to share your personal financial information to third parties for marketing purposes. Should we ever decide to do so, we will provide advance notice of our intention to you and give you an opportunity to prevent this disclosure of information.


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